Wysong Dream Treats Rabbit 24 Large Bags

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Developed by our own Dr. Wysong, manufactured in our own USDA manufacturing facility, nothing could be better for your dog, cat, or ferret (yes, it’s a raw ferret food too)! Complete with raw meats, organs, bones, plant nutrients, collagen, proteoglycans (chondroitin, glucosamine), vitamins, and chelated minerals. Also rich in enzymes and probiotic cultures, which are lacking in conventionally processed dog, cat and ferret treats. Dream Treats™ natural dog and cat treats are great tasting, no-worry, no-guilt snacking for the important companion animal in your life. The no-mess discs are easy to carry along for training treats and excellent to share any time. Serve every day to ensure an optimal supply of important nutrients and as a gift of love… real genetically appropriate natural food your pet dreams about.


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