K-10+ UT/Lawn Care Formula UT Support/Lawn Care Water Additive 28/1Z

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K-10+ UT Support / Lawn Care Formula For Your Dog’s Water eliminates the need for hard to swallow pills and messy gels. Tear open a packet of K-10+, pour the contents into your dogs water bowl and simply add water. K-10+ UT Support / Lawn Care formula for your dog is designed to maintain urinary tract health, support bladder function, support proper bacterial balance in the urinary tract and reduce lawn discoloration/yellow spots. Each packet of K-10+ UT Support/Lawn Care provides your dog with the optimal combination of ingredients to help support a healthy urinary tract. Each box contains 28 individual, pre-measured packets of powder and will last approximately one month depending on the size of the dog. Scientifically formulated to: -Maintain urinary tract health -Support bladder function -Inhibit bacterial growth within the urinary tract -Reduce lawn discoloration/yellow spots.